The Economy is Growing, One Graduate at a Time

We would like to congratulate Karen Elise Kilbride at Portland Integritas Advisors here in Portland, Maine. As an expert financial advisor and owner of the firm, she has recently added a new associate to her team. Carly is completing a degree in the Business Administration program at USM, and is excited to be on board. Karen has entrusted our photography studio with keeping her business profile and website images up to date for about a decade!  Thank you Karen for the opportunity to work with you again and provide your new associate with a powerful headshot. 

Karen, Owner/ Advisor                                                                            Carly, Associate

Karen, Owner/ Advisor                                                                            Carly, Associate

Life on the set

This weekend I spent some time at the studio, particularly in the courtyard behind the studio, where there are a variety of sets that act as backdrops for photo sessions. This angle captured my attention, the way that the window is framing the Artist and Craftsman sign, and especially the color tones from the glass and chipped paint.  Then I started thinking, perhaps all of Life is a set, everywhere we go, if you think of it that way, and we are traveling through our own documentary. Historians take note, we are all making history at this moment! 

Finding Romance, Communicating Visually with Photos

Untitled - Image - Screen Grab2.jpg

What's a young man to do, when he wants to generate more interest in his online profile? Hire a professional photographer! We recently worked with this handsome chap to improve his profile gallery. You remember the adage, you have 3 seconds to capture attention online? We think he will have great success with that now! During the consulting phase of the job...we discussed a variety of factors that would influence the shoot. We talked about the advantages of location vs. studio, as he wanted his shots to have a very natural feel, not staged. We discussed his personality type, his fashion style, his profession, his interests to come up with a game plan for the photo session. The result was a collection of images that capture attention, create visual interest, and showcase the easy-going personality of this eligible bachelor!  Our client was very satisfied...that's what we love to hear.