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90 minutes in the photo studio with Miss Maine Teen

I recently had the opportunity to work with Miss Maine Teen. The interesting thing is, the photos were not for her portfolio on anything related to pageants. She needed a photograph for her yearbook, and she didn't have one! As with any high school senior portrait, the teen is not the only person who needs to love the photo; we also need to carefully consider the tastes, desires and goals of the PARENTS! Since the senior portrait photograph marks such an important milestone (the next step is usually moving out, going to college or setting off to see the world, but certainly this begins the march towards total independence and adulthood).


I approached this shoot like any other...a careful consultation with the client to understand their desired goals, along with a recommendation for clothing, accessories, hair and make-up. I asked my subject to bring at least six outfits, from which we selected three. As an artist and creative, I do not take a cookie-cutter approach to any of my photo shoots. The subject and I brainstormed to decide which colors were her favorite, and which background would bring out her features and provide good contrast with the clothing. 


The shoot lasted a bit more than 90 minutes. It was a lot of fun working with someone who has had a lot of experience being in front of the camera. Please post comments below, and let us know what you think. Do you have a favorite?